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When you are looking at juicers, you probably already know that there are those that are designed for occasional use and then there is a pretty big leap up to juicers that are designed for people who are really serious about their juicing. When you read web sites and books on juicing, you will see that it is always a good idea to buy a higher end model, not only because of reliability but because it will end up costing you less in the long run. The Omega VRT350HD juicer is definitely one that is worth taking a look at, if only because of its incredible reviews.

What Is the Omega VRT350HD?

This is an extremely high quality low speed juicer that will help you to get through just about every fruit and vegetable with ease. It has a very small and compact base, so it won’t take up a lot of room on your kitchen counter-top, and it is also known for being extremely quiet, which is very important, too.

What Features Does This Juicer Have?

The first thing that you should know about the Omega VRT350HD is that this is a masticating style juicer with a vertical design. Rather than the traditional centrifugal type of juicing, this enables you to get more nutrients out of your food because of the way in which it does the juicing. It has a processing speed of just 80 rotations per minute which will help to reduce the oxidation that occurs with many traditional blenders or food processors.

When you are making juice, ideally you want to get the most juice out of every piece of fruit, and that is why this type of juicer is preferable. The lower speed allows you to really extract every last bit of juice out of the fruit or vegetables and you can choose to make it pulpier if you would like, too.

The style of this juicer is very unique and modern, while also being sleek and not taking up much space. Many people find that traditional juicers are just too big and bulky to have on their kitchen counter-top all the time, but that is not the case with this one. In fact, it is very small yet it has an over-sized spout. This also comes with a wheat grass growing kit so you can grow your own wheat grass and then juice it.

What Are People Saying About the Omega VRT350HD?

When you read the reviews for the Omega VRT350HD, you will see that a wide variety of users have bought this and have been happy with the results. While you will find some traditional juicing enthusiasts really excited about it, it is still easy enough for beginners to use.

“I just love this juicer! It is quiet and if anything happens within ten years, then I know that I am covered.”

– Catrina, Amazon.com

“This is easy to clean and is a great juicer. I also like that I have a choice as to whether I want something pulpy or not.”

– Tee, Amazon.com

One feature that you will see mentioned in many of the reviews for the Omega VRT350HD is that this particular model is not only powerful but it is very quiet. This is super important if you enjoy fresh juice in the morning and you happen to be the first one up.

“This isn’t overly complicated and it is easy to disassemble and clean. This machine is so quiet that I can run it in the morning without waking up anyone.”

– Joanna, Amazon.com

Where Can You Get the Best Buy on This Juicer?

Omega VRT350HDThis is actually a very difficult juicer to find in stores, not only because it is at the higher end of the price scale, but also because most stores simply don’t carry many of the Omega models. Right now, you will definitely find that the best place to buy this is online where you can save a little more than $30 off of the normal retail price and still get the same warranty as if you bought it in a traditional store.

Is This the Right Juicer for Your Needs?

If you have been looking for a really solid juicer that will remain in your household for years to come, then the Omega VRT350HD would be it. This has a ten year warranty and is obviously built to last. It is very heavy at 21 pounds, so you know that it is a solid piece of machinery, and the many reviews for this product seem to point to the fact that it is the ideal juicer for people who are really serious about their juicing. It may cost a little more, but by all accounts, it is definitely worth it in terms of quality.

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